Share your story – journey to end cigarette addiction

Share your story – journey to end cigarette addiction

Nelissa Zali has been cigarette-free for one year now. A remarkable and inspirational journey for the 26 year old nurse who has been smoking since she was 18 years old.

According to Nelissa, she decided to quit smoking because she felt like she was too dependent on the addictive habit especially during difficult periods, to the extent that it became incredibly unhealthy. 

She also pointed out that she has a strong family history of cancer which became a big role in leading the pathway of changing her life for the better. 

Whenever the nicotine withdrawal kicks in, she would sweat it out with a run outside for a fresh breather.

Despite having stopped cold turkey, she admitted that it wasn’t an easy road.

“It was quite difficult at first. I restrained myself from hanging out with my smoker friends.” 

She also stopped hanging out at places which are smoking-friendly.

Her advice for those who aim to quit is to find a reason that is close to your heart and hold on to that whenever you feel like reverting back to smoking.

Congratulations Nelissa for accomplishing your goal! 

Are you also in a journey to end cigarette smoking?

Share your experience at the comment section below or tag a friend who is going through the same journey!

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