How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

Are you planning to QUIT SMOKING but don’t know where to start? 

No worries, we’ve compiled some methods for you to try to reduce your cigarette intake and eventually (hopefully) end your addiction!

  • Cold Turkey

If you are able to stop without any aid, then that’s great! However, only 5% to 7% of smokers are capable of this. If you are like the rest of us and quitting altogether is difficult, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

  • Behavioral Therapy

A step taken by consulting therapists to discuss about your habits and smoking triggers. They will assist you weekly or monthly and help you lessen your cravings and eventually accomplishing your goal.

  • Nicotine Replacements

This includes nicotine patches, lozenges, gums and sprays. Although you are more likely to quit smoking with this approach, bear in mind that your aim is not only to stop using tobacco, but also to end nicotine addiction.

  • E-cigarettes

There has been a widespread hype about e-cigarettes, also known locally as vaping products. It is said that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and is twice as effective at helping smokers to quit compared to nicotine replacement therapy (Public Health England, 2019). 

Do you have any other way to quit smoking? Share with us below! 

Who knows, your method could save another life.

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