Debunking smoking myths

Debunking smoking myths

Is it true that if you’ve smoked for the past 40 years, there’s no way you can stop?


There are a number of myths surround cigarette smoking and we’re here to guide you debunking these infamous myths.

  1. Myth: You should wait for the “right time” to quit

There is no “right time”. The right time is when you choose to be, irrespective of the usual worries and troubles you face in day to day life. Most smokers wait till they get married or pregnant to be considered as “right time”. Your time can be now.

2. Myth: Nicotine causes addiction

According to MalayMail, nicotine alone doesn’t cause addiction. It’s the combination of nicotine and by-products of burning that lead to withdrawal symptoms.

3. Myth: Once a smoker has smoked for a while, his or her system is already permanently damaged.

Fortunately, this is not true. As soon as you quit, your body will begin to repair itself. Just after 20 minutes of your last cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure begin to normalize. Within a year, you’ll have reduced risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

4. Myth: A smoker who has been diagnosed with cancer would see no benefit from quitting.

For some cancer patients, quitting smoking can decrease the risk of death. It also reduces the risk of developing other dangerous health complications as a result of a weakened immune system and makes it easier to heal and rebound from treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy. Quitting may also help prevent cancer from recurring or second cancer from developing.

5. You gain weight after quitting

If you quit smoking and replace it with unhealthy snacking then you’re likely to put on a bit of weight. However, if you stop and keep to a healthy diet it’s unlikely that you’ll gain weight because you’ve stopped smoking.

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